Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weird Dreams and Wildlife Sightings

Things have been a little bizarre in my head as of late. I'd like to blame it on the meds I take, but even when I dont take some of them it happens. So here's a recap.

On the Summer Solstice, June 21st, was visited by hummingbirds.
On my birthday, June 30th, a little blue and white swallow swooped past the car as we were driving to the In-Laws place. Also saw a little sandy coloured bunny and a crow in the same yard that day as well.

As far as dreams go, I'm going to post it as I wrote in down in my dream journal this morning. This was a also a bizarre "in dream" wildlife sighting, little white spotted deer, they looked like a cross between Chital(Indian) Deer, and Sika Deer.

July 2nd, 2011
this will just be fragments, and not in any sort of order
I remember being in BC Place(our football/soccer stadium) with My brother, I don't know exactly what we were watching on the field, but the crowd reminded Me of the Romans at the Collesium, there was a general feeling of...blood lust
the crows was standing and roaring around us
then all of a sudden I was outside the stadium, My brother gone, and with this man and woman. He had brown hair with a big beard and was dressed all in black with a wide brimmed black hat on his head, carrying a black leather bag
she was blond and pale, wearing pale clothing
there seemed to be a riot of sorts going on outside
there was some sort of party or wedding or something and My Mum and My Aunt were there
everybody was drinking, and trying to get me to drink
I remember refusing
and then there was a black out of memory, lost time
I woke up in a nice hotel room(one Ive dreamed about before)
and I got up and found My new friends(the guy and the lady), was desperately asking them to tell ME if I had drank anything
I think I asked My Mum and Aunt too
My Mum and Aunt remained silent
I remember feeling intense anxiety
(I just remembered this)
when we got outside the stadium we all climbed up onto this roof of sorts and continued watching whatever was going on down there, My brother was there and My new friends, and some other people
A cop on a grey horse walked by, My brother mentioning something about how what we were doing was illegal and that we would get a fine, so I hopped down just as a cop on a dark brown/chestnut coloured horse was walking by.
He gave Me a $786(possibly796) fine and left
I carried the ticket with Me to the bathroom(I never saw the inside of the bathroom) but when I came out the ticket was paid for, and apparently My new friends had paid for it
when I was begging them to tell Me if I drank they told Me to look at the pictures on My camera
He had this mischievous smile on His face
there was one or two pictures that looked almost identical to pictures from My brothers wedding, if Me, My Mum and Aunt, and some other people
I “woke up” from this dream, and then realized that Myself waking up was just another dream. The next time I woke up I actually woke up
*NOTE: deer looked like a cross between the Manchurian(Chital) deer and the Sika deer